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H.265 4K NVR

  • 128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR
  • 128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR
  • 128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR
  • 128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR
128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR

128CH 4K 24 SATA NVR

  • Product description: 1.Support H265/H264 encoding device self-adaptive connection 2.Support 24HDD , HDD’s hot-swap 3.Support 4K video preview , storage and playback 4.2x HDMI, 2x VGA heterologous output, support 4K hig

Product feature:

1.Flip-open chasis, prepositive slot type HDD installation , reliable and easy-maintainable

2.Support 24HDD , HDD’s hot-swap

3.Support i8sS supper protocol , plug & play , IPC no needs IP

4.Support Third-party ONVIF, RTSP standard network camera

5.Support ONVIF outward passageway, can compatible with ONVIF standard

Video management software, and support GB28181 standard protocol

6.Support 4K video preview , storage and playback

7.Support H265/H264 encoding device self-adaptive connection

8.2x HDMI, 2x VGA heterologous output, support 4K high resolution output

9.New GUI, support start recording with one key

10. Support IPC centralized management, including IPC parameter configuration, information import/output, two-way audio, upgrade, etc

11. Support double password to do video playback and backup

12. Support motion detection data filler when do playback, support video summary playback

13. Support time-phased playback, assigned the video to multi-screen do different playback at same time

14. Support smart search, playback and backup

15. Support smart channel grouping

16. Support instant playback for screen preview during multi-channel display mode

17. Max support 16ch 1080P playback and multi channels reverse playback

18. Support multi-channel image play and thumbnail play

19. Support smart detection like: target counting, goods leave over, goods loss, area entering/leaving, virtual entering/leaving

Technical parameter:

Model No.


Operation System

Embedded LINUX system

Image Code Control

Image code quality adjustable, variable bit stream and limited bit stream optional

Dual Stream

Each channel can set main stream and sub stream

Video Standard

H.264/H.265 self-adaption

Monitoring Image Quality


Image Motion Image

Each screen can set multiple detection areas and set 6-level sensitivity(IPC Support)

Recording Playback Quality

Any 1ch/4ch/9ch/16ch playback simultaneously

Region Cover

Every channel can set 4 cover regions(IPC Support)

Recording Mode

Support manual, auto, motion detection, alarm trigger record mode

Backup Way

Support HDD, U-disk, USB mobile HDD, USB DVD-RW, network storage and backup(IPC Support Partial)

Operation Way

Mouse, keyboard

Local Login

User name and password

Recording Storage

Local HDD, network

External Ports

Video Input


128ch input, support 4K/5MP/3MP/2MP

64ch preview mode without smart analyzing function

36ch preview mode support 8ch smart analyzing function

Audio Input

According to network video channel number do 1:1network audio input

Video Output


Audio Port

1ch RCA input1ch RCA output

Network Port


RS485 Port

Full duplex standard 485 ports

USB Port

1×USB3.02×USB 2.0

Alarm Input


Alarm Output



HDD Port

24×SATA+1×E-SATA HDD port

Max Capacity

Each port supports MAX 6TB HDD

Mobile Surveillance

Support(iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android)smart phone

Power Supply

ATX110-220V 400W 50-60Hz

Power consumption

≤50Wwithout HDD

Working Temperature


Working Humidity




Weight (without HDD)

about 23kg



Installation Way

Desktop installation, standard cabinets installation


Contact: Hank Li

Phone: +8615814084834

Tel: +86-0755-33173331

Email: info@smiletech.com.cn

Add: Room 201, 4th Building, Liangxiang Industrial Park,No.42 Zhangge Road,Jutang Community,Fucheng Street,Longhua District,Shenzhen

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